Please notice again, we would never recommend ghost-writing.  There are also two more points you must consider:

  1. The type of research "publication"  you often need for promotion, etc, is original research. Review articles, letters to the editors, etc are not useful. 
  2. For research on humans, pre-approval from institutional boards is mandatory. Contact the institute where you are working to get pre-approval. 
  3. The only non-original work that is considered is a systematic review with meta-analysis. That's what you should look for.
  4. Meta-analysis is also perhaps the only scenario where remote collaboration would be acceptable.  

Helpful Keywords

If you have made your mind, the following keywords in different combinations would help: articles, research, psychology, medical, publications,


You can publish work at ridiculous price points but the quality and authenticity of what you get is not always as supreme. And that is obvious if you pay that much. You can hire someone more reliable and you can do two other things.

  • Proofread

    I am not often convinced of the authorship skills of these youngsters. With artificial intelligence-based proofreading, this no more a problem. Always proofread your document with Grammarly to ensure research-quality language.

  • Ensure originality

    Plagiarism is appropriated seriously by journals. The Higher education commission monitors that centrally. They ban authors from publishing in the future if proved plagiarising. Grammarly premium can do that too.